Off to the Pacific Crest Trail

The stars have finally aligned and I’ll be attempting a thru-hike of the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail this year.

I’m hoping to write some extensive posts about the journey upon my return, but in the interim you can find some lightweight updates from the trail on my Substack.

As these will be posted from the trail, the Substack is private to protect my location from the wider internet. Joining requires approval, so if your e-mail isn’t obvious, reach out to me or Shawn and let us know.

One response to “Off to the Pacific Crest Trail”

  1. Madison, this is Drew Stidger, Jackson, CA.

    Thank you for your year in review letter. Love getting them every year.

    I Would love to follow your trek along the PCT this year.

    Looking forward to following you and even possibly helping you out with resupply i the Sonora Pass Area, the Carson Pass Area and the Echo Summit area.

    If you need anytning I would be more than willing to assist you or Shawn out.

    Hike your own hike, be safe and enjoy!


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