This is an attempt to correct some perceptions about humanity from someone who is closer to the problems and farther from an expert on the solutions.

People aren’t just born with a natural talent for running 26.2 miles or hiking a mountain. 

Travel is not limited to those who are “just lucky” or wealthy. Same goes for opportunities. 

Humans aren’t limited to their school age years to learn. Nor are they restrained by any age to grow.

I embrace change and want to see more people do the same. The best way I know how is to be more open about myself as a beginner in the various little experiments I try in life.

I am striving to reverse the line of thinking that leads someone to believe I have always been a runner or that I hike hundreds of miles every Sunday.

I’m here to shred the highlight reel that doesn’t show the hard work I put in to be ready for an opportunity or the financial sacrifices to make a big trip happen.

I’m opening up my thought experiments in their infancies to encourage more open discussion and prove that it’s completely possible to change your mind, even if you aren’t a politician looking to get some moderate votes. 

Here’s to less “I couldn’t do that” and more “not yet“.