Introducing Micro Moves

We often vastly overestimate what we can do in one year, yet underestimate what we can do in ten. It’s as if we’re programmed to “dream big” at the end of December and only for duration of January 1 – December 31.

I’m not here to hate on New Year’s Resolutions. I think reflection is extremely important. So important, in fact, that I think we do it far too rarely. My birthday is my one of my favorite times for reflection, but so are the mornings. Once a year isn’t enough.

So yeah, I will trash all the #NewYearNewYou posts for being so unaccommodating.  This culturally-cemented idea of when to reflect and change has got to go.

Frequent reflection is one of the many things I’ve picked up on through being exposed to different perspectives over the years and this blog is my taking a stab at passing them along to others.

It’s become standard pep talk mumbo jumbo to nudge people to do something today towards what they want. Frick, I’ve already done it myself. Still, I look around at so many people who just, well, don’t ever do anything towards any of their goals – and that’s if they’re lucky enough to even had made the time to reflect on goals.

Our inactivity toward aspirations doesn’t hit us quite as visibly as compound interest and calories do over time, but I’m here to tell you they hurt even worse.

In an effort to keep myself from feeling overwhelmed with the idea of only writing amazingly perfect and insightful blog posts, this is the first step in my first series: micro moves.

Micro moves will be small thought experiments or life hacks that I’ve found in my own life or from the perspectives of others (be it those I know personally or through other posts/podcasts). Nothing lavish.

They are concepts that I would have passed on to one of my friends during our weekly chats as something I’m trying or simply something that is interesting. They’ll be given in a style that is just as casual as those phone calls.

Again, I’m working on my own goals here, which means taking what I’m writing seriously and starting where I am. For some perspective and my own reflection, I’m going to share, first, the vague ideas of where I think I want to be followed by what my start line looks like.


  • Regularly sharing ideas and perspectives, no matter how insignificant.
    • Stretch goal: people are actually challenged by them.
  • Fear of eventual failure does not keep me from writing
  • Fear of seeming like a silly girl that writes
  • Fear of rejection does not keep me from being vulnerable
    • Stretch goal: I don’t filter because of this either
  • Regularly being challenged in my perspective
    • Stretch goal: Increasing some empathy in the world
  • Encouraging others to be a public beginner


  • My track record of initiating and quitting blogs feeds my fear of eventual failure
  • I worry what others who actually know me will think of the things I say
  • I’m fearful of making an attempt to showcase something only to make it worse or leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth that could have eventually come around to seeing things in a new light
  • My own past judgments as well as hearing those from others feeds my fear that I will be seen as a stupid little girl that just writes fluffy things for attention on the internet

Well, I started writing this just before heading off to an REI class with the intention that I couldn’t over analyze the post. If there are any other perspectives of this starting place of mine, I’m going to allow myself to utilize the “edit” button and that’s completely okay.

I encourage you to share some of the details of your current starting place or one you may have had in the past. Your insight would help me to better realize some points about my “here” that I haven’t noticed yet.

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